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November 4th, 2020

Remote lectures, remote lab meetings, remote journal clubs and remote seminars have consumed the first months of the Ransdell lab.
Still, things are moving forward. Sam Brown has joined the lab and is gaining first-hand knowledge in the building of an electrophysiology rig. We now have mice housed in the animal facility and several important pieces of equipment. Two anti-vibration tables are waiting for all the goodies of electrophysiology rigs to be added. These tables have a top surface that floats on air, which eliminates building vibrations, and each table weighs around 1,000 pounds!
I relied on Tracey Hermanstyne and Anthony Frosio to help me load one of the tables into my parents Chevy Express in Saint Louis. In Oxford, I parked the van on a sidewalk and convinced some graduate students from an adjacent lab to help me unload. We ended up crushing the wheel of a dolly while pulling one of the tables through campus. Somehow, we still managed to get both tables onto the second floor of Pearson Hall and into the lab.

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